Liminophone - a musical sonification of tidal data.
The Liminophone reads live tidal data from NOAA buoys and sonifies it.
Programmed by Nick Didkovsky in JMSL for Rachel Golub Feb 2, 2009

You need a Java enabled browser to use this Applet. Click Start button to begin the piece.

You may have wait a few seconds for the Start button to be enabled, while tidal data is being retrieved the first time.

After you change a station you may have to wait up to 10 seconds for the new data to be used in the piece.

Notes on sonification:
Data is read every 6 minutes. Between readings, the value of each parameter is linearly interpolated every 10 seconds. This interpolated data is sonified using the expressions below. All right hand side variables have been normalized 0..1.
   	double duration = (windSpeed * 10) + JMSLRandom.choose(windDirAsPhase * 8);
        double durationOfVoice = duration * .5 + JMSLRandom.choose(5 * windGust);
        double glissDelay = windGust * 2;
        double glissDuration = glissDelay * 2;
        double amp = JMSLRandom.choose(0.1, bar);
        double startingFrequency = lionTuning.getFrequency((int) ((lionTuning).getStepsPerOctave() * observedWaterLevel), octave);
        double endingFrequency = lionTuning.getFrequency((int) ((lionTuning).getStepsPerOctave() * predictedWaterLevel), octave);
        double vibDepth = (1 - waterTemp) * 2;
        double vibRate = (1 - airTemp) * 8;

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* Java Music Specification Language (C) 1997-2009 Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk, visit