Happy Birthday Lytle!

Created by Nick Didkovsky for Michael Lytle on the occasion of his birthday, 2004.

Patience please, as the applet loads a 597KB audio sample*

Click "launch", then play with the scrollbars.

You need a Java enabled browser to run this applet.

* Audio sample: Michael and Nick's bass clarinet and prepared guitar duo preceeding "Mink Shadows", from the first Doctor Nerve LP "Out To Bomb Fresh Kings" (
Cuneiform Records Rune 38X, used with permission)

JMSL and JSyn are Java based experimental music composition and synthesis languages.

JSyn is Phil Burk's realtime music synthesis language. JMSL is an experimental music programming language by Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk, which is based on Hierarchical Music Specification Language (HMSL). Both JSyn and JMSL are written in Java, which allows for pieces like this one to be performed on the Web, as well as stand-alone applications.
This applet uses the pure Java verison of JSyn
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