Musical Note Trainer: identify notes on the staff

Train yourself to identify musical notes on the staff.

FIRST: Enter the number of times you want the Note Trainer to quiz you, and click "Start Note Trainer."
NEXT: After seeing a note appear on the staff, click a button with the note's name on it. Or check "Input: keyboard" and click the virtual piano key that corresponds to each note.
FINALLY: When you've answered all the questions, you will see your score, and can see more specifically how you did by clicking "View Performance".
FINE TUNE: If you want the note trainer to only choose notes from your previous mistakes, check "Train from Mistakes" and "Start Note Trainer" again.

Musical Note Trainer was programmed by Nick Didkovsky for Leo and Sasha.

You need a Java enabled browser to use this Applet.
(c) 2009 Nick Didkovsky, all rights reserved

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