Sabbath Bride by Jody Diamond, arranged by Nick Didkovsky
On the occasion of Jody's birthday, April 23, 2003

Happy Birthday Jody!

Sabbath Bride is a composition for Javanese gamelan by Jody Diamond, based on the traditional Jewish prayer, L'cha Dodi. I performed this beautiful piece when I was a member of Gamelan Son of Lion. My own arrangement, dedicated to Jody on the occasion of her birthday, is presented here, and uses a self-modifying score wherein a melody gradually vanishes and is replaced by a shadowy memory of it.

This arrangement was created in Java Music Specification Language (JMSL). It uses a few instances of JMSL's PlayLurkers to "listen to" the main melody being repeated in JMSL Score. One PlayLurker gradually diminishes the amplitude of the melody notes as they go by. Two other PlayLurkers are instruments which play sine waves. With increasing probability over the course of the piece, these two PlayLurkers choose to double notes as the melody passes by, doubling notes up to 2 octaves above or below original pitch, and sustaining them out of tempo.

Gradually the original melody vanishes, and is replaced by overlapping cascades of doubled notes.

The tuning of the melody was matched against a recording of Jody singing the piece.

IMPORTANT: you have to re-load this page to play the piece a second time, as this is a self-modifying score.

You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet.

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