Musical Scale Enumerator

"How many scales are there with 7 notes? 8 notes? How many pentatonic scales are there?"

Enter the number of notes in a scale (default is 7) and click "GO".
All possible scales in 12-tone equal temperament will be displayed in standard music notation.
Click on an interval button (for example [ 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 ] is a major scale) to see and hear that scale performed.
You may find "Interval Sort" to result in a more intuitive listing of the scales.

The chords are built by looking for a third: first look for a minor third, and if not found look for a major third in the scale. Then it looks for a fifth: first a perfect fifth, and if not found, a diminished fifth. So if you see a chord with only one or two notes in it, that means a 3rd or a 5th could not be found to harmonize that particular scale step.

Programmed by Nick Didkovsky in JMSL for Shawn Persinger Jan 23, 2009

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