Schubert's Impromptu in Eb Major, Op. 90, arr. Minsky Popolov
A computer music performance which transfigures Schubert's Impromptu using real-time statistical techniques.

The Impromptu itself was prerecorded to disk by piano virtuoso Evelyne Luest. JMSL software extracts musical statistics ten times a second from Luestís interpretation. During the performance, you can create your own statistics, merging yours with Luestís to varying degrees.

A virtual piano player interprets the blend of your and Luestís statistics in real time, creating a rendition of the Impromptu that shifts between familiar passages and radical statistical distortions.

  • Click the "Test MIDI output" button to make sure you hear a piano melody (do not bother with midi input, just click continue after you verify that you can hear the piano)
  • Check the boxes next to the parameters you want to morph!
  • Use the Morph Index slider at the bottom to morph between the performance (leftmost position) and your settings (rightmost position)!!! You need a Java-enabled web browser to view this applet
    This was the first JMSL piece ever. I wrote this a kind of test flight, to test the notion of evolving HMSL into the Java programming language (hence JMSL).
    Originally I used a native MIDI library to drive an outboard piano module, but now I can offer this piece as a performable applet using JavaSound MIDI. So you can deconstruct Schubertís Impromptu in Eb Major right here in your browser.

    Artists Statement