Slim In Beaten Dreamers

Slim In Beaten Dreamers was commissioned by Meridian Arts Ensemble with a grant from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust with support from Harvestworks. Slim In Beaten Dreamers was premiered by Meridian Arts Ensemble at the June in Buffalo Festival on June 7, 2002

You can examine the scores and hear the fifteen movements of the piece by loading the links below. Requires the JSyn plugin (

  1. Steamier Sinner Blamed
  2. An Idle Saint Remembers
  3. Terrible As Mean Denims
  4. Meanie Master Blinders
  5. Beastlier Madmen Risen
  6. Mere Brains Is Lamented
  7. Miserable Sinner Mated
  8. Denser Mealtime Brains
  9. Last Inane Dismemberer
  10. Remedial, Eminent Brass
  11. Manliest Base Reminder
  12. Able, Saner Determinism
  13. A Mean, Dim Terribleness
  14. Steamier Limb Ensnared
  15. Merriest, Blamed, Insane

Punos Music

Slim In Beaten Dreamers copyright (c) 2000, Didkovsky/Punos Music (BMI)