Profane Riddles, art by Y.I.H.H. and Nick Didkovsky
Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar
Nine enigmatically embroidered tracks that will levitate you off the floor in a sort of deep listening ecstatic trance. Stop the world for 31 minutes to lie down and listen without interruption.

The sky is overcast today and there is a cool breeze blowing. It fits this music perfectly. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, 2024-06-05

A transporting listen that has already triggered one vivid dream since I first heard it. As I type this, Profane Riddles restores my belief in the communicative power of the electric guitar. - Ken Shimamoto, The Stash Dauber, 2024-05-27
1. Rebirth [1:42]
2. Wherever I Am I Be [6:51]
3. Ascension [0:55]
4. This Sacred Purity, this Oppressive Paradise [3:53]
5. My morning star and light-bearer [2:02]
6. What is revealed in the light of thy Lord Lucifer? [3:49]
7. Pre-Crystallization (God and Corpse) [3:18]
8. The hand, palm upward, fingers curled in ecstasy [3:40]
9. The morgue's final thoughts [4:26]
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Profane Riddles
Physical CD and 12 page booklet.

We can't believe how beautifully these printed! Mind blowing.
Profane Riddles CD by Nick Didkovsky

This is a professionally manufactured CD-R. Includes beautiful 12 page booklet.
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Produced by Nick Didkovsky
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios
All tracks (c) 2024 Didkovsky / Punos Music (BMI) except #2 composed by Philip Corner
Original art by Y.I.H.H.
Graphic permutations by Nick Didkovsky

Taken as a whole, this work is dedicated to Larry Polansky, but more specifically:
"Rebirth" is for Phillip Trimble.
"This Sacred Purity, this Oppressive Paradise" is inspired by a poem by Ahmad Shamlu.
"Pre-Crystallization (God and Corpse)" is impelled by the writings of Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh and Y.I.H.H.
"The morgue's final thoughts" is dedicated to the memory of Michael Brown.

Thanks to Linda Leseman, Han-earl Park, Phil Burk, Sasha von Didkovsky, and Leo Didkovsky for your generous guidance.
Thanks to Y.I.H.H. for your restless creative fire.

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