Vomit Fist - Omnicide
Vomit Fist Omnicide art by Paolo Girardi
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Omnicide is the second chapter of the mythos that began with the first Vomit Fist EP Forgive But Avenge. The band takes their music to new level of intensity and poetry. Two tracks proudly feature guest bassists Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Luminous Vault) and Jon Ehlers (Bangladeafy).

"The Frogvasion assault fails even as the Human defenses collapse, exacting omnicidal cost from both Homo sapiens and the Frogmen. A sea of rotting bile swirls with ripe corpses. A wind blows across the frothing peaks while rising swarms of flies masquerade as plumes of war-smoke. An ecosystem of death; rotting corpses stuffed with egg sacks; a soldier's gas mask teams with ova soaked in putrid fluids. The triumphant sky-hoard of Muscidae yearns for the diminishing sun with a moribund embrace. This is Omnicide."

Distributed in USA and Canada by Punos Music.
Distribute in Europe and Japan by Jvtlandt.

Vomit Fist - Omnicide

Vomit Fist