Punos Music

Punos Music interactive online computer music

Interactive Compositions and Computer Music Instruments

The music presented here is real-time, on-line, and offers various degrees of interactivity. This is not, for example, a repository of Midi files, MP3 files, RealAudio files, etc. It's algorithmic/interactive music that will be realized in the here-and-now, directly in your browser. So your experience with an interactive piece will be unique.

These pieces use two new Java music tools: JSyn and JMSL (Java Music Specification Language). JSyn is Phil Burk's realtime music synthesis package, which delivers CD quality stereo sound through your browser. JMSL is an experimental music programming language by Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk, which is based on HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language).

For JSyn info and plug-in, please visit www.softsynth.com
For JMSL info (no plug-in needed), please visit www.algomusic.com

This work is supported in part by a New York Foundation for the Arts Computer Arts Fellowship.

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