the liminophone sonifies tidal data

The Liminophone is a musical sonification of tidal data.
Created by Nick Didkovsky for Rachel Golub, in JMSL and JSyn.

  • Listen to the Liminophone (requires Java enabled web browser).

  • Rachel Golub writes:
    The Liminophone is an instrument that synchs with coastal data from the buoys around urban waterfronts, generating algorithmic real-time compositions.

    Each buoy becomes a polyphonic instrument, a character that changes with very subtle fluctuations every six minutes.

    Everything is in real time.

    Limen, the greek for "harbor", describes the sheltering place of an indented shoreline; the commerce of a Thessalian marketplace; the liminal space of a controlled environment in which our understanding of existence is in transition. Forms of transit could be abstract "commerce and commodity-trade, the beginning of alienation and individualism" or actual, in travel between points.

    Phone, the greek for "cry", or a human sound, recognizes that this particular sonification of oceanographic data is not a completely mathematical expression of wave data. It is, rather, an attempt to "hook up" the ocean data, in real-time, to a sound system, in order to create a performance environment that will allow the waters to participate with the musicians in a real-time composition.

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