Tube Mouth Bow String is for string quartet and live electronics. Each player has a talkbox and a harmonizing pedal. The score was generated using Java Music Specification Language and is delivered to your browser in score form using JMSL and JSyn.

This score is delivered to your browser using Java Music Specification Language ( and JSyn (

PATIENCE PLEASE! 31MB of high quality bowed string samples will be loaded.


Thanks to James Forrest for designing the JSyn vowel filters used in the software modeling phase of this piece. Thanks to David Birchfield, Phil Burk, James Forrest, Larry Polansky, and Robert Marsanyi for their insights on harmonic complexity, specifically the ranking of 12-tet intervals from least to most dissonant, and for listening so deeply and providing such extensive and insightful comments on the work in progress.

Thanks also to David Cowells at Rocktron Artist Relations, Bruce Holt at DigiTech Artists Relations, and Charles Ames (as always) for details on the Myhill Distribution and its implementation.

TUBE MOUTH BOW was supported by a grant from Meet The Composerís Commissioning Music/USA program. Commissioning Music/USA is made possible with support from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Helen F. Whitaker Fund, and The Target Foundation. This composer thanks MTC for making the piece possible.


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Tube Mouth Bow String copyright (c) 2002, Didkovsky/Punos Music (BMI)